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The Elephant In The Room

The recent ratings victory by both 610 Sports Radio as well as their afternoon host, Nick Wright has possibly signalled a seismic shift in Sports Talk in Kansas City. Some of the reasons listeners are turning off Kevin Kietzman’s Between… (READ MORE)

Grading the KC Sports Media On Twitter

Twitter has become the place to share and generate information for fans. It’s also a great way to share a live event such as a Royals or Chiefs game. The Kansas City Sports Media has a good start in the… (READ MORE)

KC All-Star Game Suggestions

As we mentioned in the previous post, we’re compiling a list of the best ideas on what to do to make the KC All-Star Game in 2012 more unique and amazing as well as spotlight Kansas City for all the… (READ MORE)

If the KC All-Star Game sucks, it’s our own fault

Kansas City’s psyche has been a big topic of conversation on the airwaves the past week. I started a conversation with @KC_SportsRadio tonight on twitter when he blasted out the following: @KC_SportsRadio: “I cringe at the thought of KC hosting… (READ MORE)

KC Sports Radio… One Month Later…

It started… as more than a few decisions in my life have started… with a few too many drinks… It was one month ago today when, I felt, Kansas City Sports Radio had hit rock bottom. ┬áIt had been a… (READ MORE)


We’ve reached that point in nearly every Royals season in the past 15 years where it’s over. It seems like it came later this year than in years past, but it really hasn’t. It seems like we were in it… (READ MORE)

Inquiring Minds… The Twitter Bomb of Joel Goldberg

Joel Goldberg, the sideline reporter for the Kansas City Royals, has provided the Royals fanbase a wealth of entertaining moments through the years. These moments have both been intentional and unintentional. But if you’re a Royals fan, reading his daily… (READ MORE)

Danny Parkins Doesn’t Know Shit About KC BBQ

Danny Parkins, the mid-day host on 610 Sports has only been in town a couple of months. It’s tough to be a new kid in a strange city. The local customs are odd. We speak in different dialects. We reference… (READ MORE)

Kansas City Radio Wars… Day 12

I fully recognize that using the term “War” throws shame and insult to those who are actually fighting real wars, but “Radio Showdown” seems trite. So indulge me. It’s already been an interesting campaign. Since my “Open Letter” which was… (READ MORE)

The Internet is Fucking Up Radio (And Here’s Why)

This blog post is about money. This blog post is about listeners. This blog post is about you. You’re doing it wrong. Statistically, more and more listeners are tuning in on the Internet. It’s how I listen to Sports Radio… (READ MORE)