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Dress to the Nines

I am a sucker for good ideas. And we have  a lot of good ideas. Sliced bread. iPhones. Pornography.  All great ideas that have had their moment in the sun.  But those ideas do tend to get sucked down by… (READ MORE)

God Hates KC

There’s a tongue in cheek saying you’ll find on message boards and twitter surrounding the Kansas City Royals. It’s “God Hates KC.” The idea is that God has something to do with the miserable, decades-long run of futility by the… (READ MORE)

Royals Rain Check Soaks Fans

Our friends at the Royals Ticketing Office are at it again. We’ve told you about this group’s attempts to outright fleece money from fans using questionable tactics, telemarketing and bait and switching – but now they’re resorting to just shaking… (READ MORE)

Fenway At The K

We’re all heartbroken. Kansas City. Boston. America. Baseball, rightfully so, is taking a backseat as tanks roll down city streets in Boston. It dawned on me a couple of inevitable things may be coming down the way soon. Our Royals… (READ MORE)

Swing and a Miss

SWING AND A MISS Posted 3/22/13 What a terrible day this is in Platte County. I thought you people had a sense of adventure. Just over a year after its opening, the Shangri La of Sexy Time, the Bed and… (READ MORE)

Share and Share Alike

SHARE AND SHARE ALIKE  Posted 3/17/13 I was talking with a friend recently about everything that’s wrong with social networking today. I think it’s great that folks seem to have embraced the idea of technology. Just a few years ago,… (READ MORE)

The K Replay – Episode 3 – The 5th Starter and The Sports Reporters

If your bracket looks anything like mine, then you’re absolutely ready for Spring Training to end and Baseball Opening Day to get here. We look back at the week that was in Royals Baseball. We still have the best record…. (READ MORE)

An Idiot’s Guide To Watching and Listening to the Royals

It’s that time of year again for the flowers to bloom, the skirts to start coming out and for the Royals to start showing up on Television or Radio.  And just like those short skirts, you have to be smart… (READ MORE)

Luke Hochevar – It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye

Kansas City Royals Pitcher, Luke Hochevar, was demoted to the bullpen on March 14, 2013. It is a date that many of us looked forward to. And many of us were dreading. Hochevar has been an enigma wrapped inside of… (READ MORE)

The K Replay – Episode 2 – It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye

The K Replay is designed to be your one stop shop for all Royals news withough wasting an entire 5 hour afternoon. On this week’s episode, we talk about the demotion of Luke Hochevar to the Bullpen and yet the… (READ MORE)