An “Oh Shildt” Moment by Springfield Cardinals Manager – Mike Shildt


How many times have you seen it. The story is nearly as old as baseball itself.

A team gets no-hit on the road, then comes back the next night and the manager gets ejected only to hit the umpire in the face with his batting helmet.


Yep. Check out the video above. In the 5th inning of the contest between the AA Springfield Cardinals at the Northwest Arkansas Naturals (Royals) of the Texas League, home plate umpire Greg Stanzak ejected Cardinals Manager Mike Shildt for arguing balls and strikes. And that’s where the fun begins.

Minor League managers also coach third, and as such, are required to wear protective batting helmets, ironically, after a minor league coach, Mike Coolbaugh died in Arkansas from being hit with a line drive.

As you see towards the end of the clip, Shildt shot his wad after the ejection and the first base umpire, Matt Benham acted as a shield attempting to shut down the argument.  As Shildt began walking away, he flung his helmet towards the field and struck Benham in the neck and face.


You can see on the video the “Oh Shit” moment by Shildt as he attempted to make peace with Benham.  That’ll be a fun one for the Texas League Office to figure out how much he’ll be fined. Perhaps after this incident, the field umpires should also wear helmets.

It has been a tough go for the Springfield Cardinals, last night’s 8-2 loss marked their tenth road loss in a row and planting them in last place in the Texas League North division.

And, yes, the obnoxious kid heard on the video is my kid, practicing being the next Fake Ned.


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