Rambling Morons is all about class. And boobs. And fart jokes. And class.

Rambling Morons is the creation of Chris Kamler, currently a columnist for the Platte County Landmark, a Kansas Citian and lover of all that is snarky.

He is the man behind the (mildly) popular Twitter account @thefakened. He also is a contributor to the Royalman Report podcast.

He can be found onĀ Facebook and on Google+.

The other half of the Rambling Morons podcast is a lovely lady by the name of Laurie Kunkel. When not spending time trolling for homeless guys to make out with, Laurie spends her time with her daughter in Overland Park. She can be found on twitter at @LaurieJenn.

The Rambling Morons is designed to be a highly interactive website. If you have any suggestions, stories, questions or comments – both positive and negative – please use the comment section or shoot me a note at chris@ramblingmorons.com.