In Kevin Kietzman’s monologue during the 2:00 hour on Wednesday, he asked for suggestions on his program.

Several callers called in and offered very little criticism. Rather, they heaped praise on KK. I find this curious, but that’s not the purpose of this post.

What follows is a list of features during Between The Lines and my opinion of if they work or not.  The list is not complete, but does offer my recommendations on segments that need to be pitched or retooled.  I will offer new suggestions in a future post. (Stay tuned.)

  • 2:00 – First 20 minutes – NOT WORKINGAs I explained in my open letter, this used to be the most powerful segment in Kansas City radio history. Now it’s 20 minutes of live reads for whatever remote you’re on. Make it substantial, break us off some news, then drop in your remote.
  • Segment with Pudgey (Frank Boal) – NOT WORKINGFrank used to have his own show on 810 and through some cost cutting, that show time was split with The Border Patrol and The Program. Frank’s segments have become nothing more than filler to discuss garbage. Here’s a tip, if your sentence begins with “What’d you do this weekend, Frank?” Don’t discuss it on the radio.
  • Segment with Jack Harry – ON THE FENCEThis segment is traveling down much the same path as Frank’s, but when Kevin can get Jack’s goat and they both get spun up, it’s actually pretty entertaining. Jack Harry is a throwback to an older generation and has become a pretty amusing angry old man. There is still some value to listening to him yell at kids to get off his lawn.
  • Grilling Segment with Jim Cati of Smoke N Fire – AUDIO ABORTIONA complete waste of time. I actually have flipped over to Nick Wright’s show during this segment and he’s usually good for a dig about it.  I believe I once heard Nick say, “I can’t believe I’m losing to a guy who is grilling steaks on his show right now.”  It’s an absolute joke.  Kevin’s admission that it’s actually not a paid product endorsement is almost worse.  When you see the 1 hour infomercials for Triple-Pane windows on Sunday mornings, you at least know the station is getting a check.
  • Interviews – WORKINGKevin’s interviews are always outstanding. He doesn’t do them enough. Interviewing his pals doesn’t count. He is at his best when he is really drilling a subject. (Pun intended.) Lately, the two shows that precede his show are far outpacing him in the number of interviews. Petro’s regular segments with Gottleib and Kirkjan are outstanding. Listening to Kietz talk to his old pal Frank Boal is extremely stale.
  • Swap Meet – WORKINGIt only happens once a year, and it’s a clever idea. I wouldn’t do it more than once a year, but it is always good for a day.
  • Racin’ Boys – WORKINGYou thought I was going to say not working, right? I can’t stand NASCAR, but I do find some entertainment with this segment. Kevin’s knowledge of Motor Sports is zero, much like mine, and the Racin’ Boys actually have educated me. Plus, I think what they are doing with the old 1510 studios is nothing short of incredible. THEY are the new mavericks and should be applauded. I wouldn’t be surprised if they started hosting their own shows and podcasts from THAT studio if the mothership 810 won’t. I still don’t care for Motor Sports, but it’s not the Racin’ Boys fault.
  • Sporting KC Talk – ON THE FENCEIt’s coming. I have to accept it. I, like many of you, think soccer is just Communist Kick Ball. However, it’s coming. So do I simply accept it and eat what they feed me? I don’t know. I hear the way Jake Gutierrez talks about soccer on The Border Patrol and think that I might give it a try. Then I hear Kietzman drone on about it like I’m supposed to care just because he says words and I get more sick to my stomach.  Maybe if I go to a game? Or a match? Or a pitch? What the hell do I call it?

There’s likely more that I’m missing. That’s just what I can roll off on the tip of my brain. If I’m missing other segments, please post them in the comments and I’ll summarize them in a future post.

I think there’s a trend in these observations.  The segments that take a little work and effort are of a higher quality of radio and I tend to enjoy them – even if the actual focal point isn’t interesting.  If you put your muscle to it, I’m likely going to enjoy it. If it’s just back-slapping, water-cooler jerking-off radio – that doesn’t do it for me.  That is what Between the Lines has become.