Let me try to summarize my day in  one word. Surreal.


You say you want a revolution? Well, you know, we ALL want to change the world.

Doesn’t that Beatles song go on to blame the Royals for the Revolver album?

I found myself today, tuning in at 2:00 – like I usually always do – And like I specifically promised myself that I would NOT do – to Between the Lines on  Sports Radio 810 WHB. Today, however, was different.

I did not fully expect Kevin Kietzman to address my open letter to him on the air today. I figured that he would simply dismiss it.  Well, he kind of did both.  Most of you heard what happened. He went on a 30 minute monologue admitting that fans complain about his show, and in the same breath saying that there was nothing wrong with the show.

  • It’s the Royals
  • It’s the economy
  • It’s the lockout
  • People like the Smoke N Fire segment (cue caller who actually likes the Smoke N Fire segment.)

On one hand, I was pleased that he acknowledged that little old me made something happen last night. We moved a mountain. We might have moved it .00000000001 inch, but we wasted at least an hour of his day. And that’s something.

On the other hand, I’m extremely disappointed. Because he completely missed the point.  And, I’m no debate expert, but I’m pretty sure I got schooled.  I believe a made a technical and tactical error in posting my letter “right about the time when the Royals drop out of the race.” Yeah. You got me. My bad.  My technical error was posting my thesis statement too late in my article.  Thank you 8th grade English teacher.  But in the end, you don’t bring a blog to a gun fight. And Kietzman is the best there is at misdirection and debate. Make no mistake.

So, in an effort to be more clear. Let me restate my earlier sentence of: “You, sir, have become Don Fortune.  You have become the thing that you once reviled.”

Let me put it more plainly:

You’ve gotten lazy.

Find a way to blame THAT on the Royals.

I don’t want to program your show. I don’t want to tell you what ads to run and what live reads to say. I just want you to do your job with the same passion that you did when it was good. You can’t listen to your interview with Mr. Stinky Feet and tell me that is the case. I can tell you that there are talented people in this town dying to provide content for your airwaves. Look no further than your early morning and late evening shows.  Couple that with folks that are no longer working for 810 and there’s plenty of ideas out there. You just have to want to find them.  It has become far too comfortable to just sign the back of the check.

I sent you a letter out of a willingness to tell you why I was leaving. Not only did you miss the point, but you also pissed on the passion of the 300+ folks that participated in our little shit-storm last night.

You missed the point. I thought you were better at reading between the lines.