During a weekend that could be the most important weekend in Kansas City Baseball history, David Glass suddenly has become the story.

While on with 610 Sports Danny Parkins at the Bartle Hall Fan Fest, Glass was being interviewed about the events surrounding All-Star Weekend here in Kansas City.  He was asked about the rumors of him selling the team and called those claims “stupid.”

When questions turned toward his ownership and fiscal management of the team, Glass set down his microphone and walked off the set.

In what could’ve (and should have) been the signature moment in Glass’s career, he pukes all over an interview – ON DAY ONE. Fans have had a hate-hate relationship with the Glass Family since the past decade of futility. This was an opportunity to change that. He brought us an All-Star Game. And on the second question of the day, he storms off pouting? Nice job, David. Were you not expecting the question? Maybe if you took more media requests, you wouldn’t be bombarded with these when people DO get a chance to talk with you.

Well… I happened to be rolling sound because of a pending article I’ll be writing (Hint #GlassMustGo) And caught the whole thing. Took a little longer than I thought to clean up. Below is a transcript and full audio.

UPDATE: 610 Sports has not podcasted this segment, but that’s why you have the Rambling Morons. Full Transcript is below. Full Audio is cleaned up and right here:

David Glass July 6 at FanFest 1. David Glass on 610 Sports


Parkins: Mr. Glass thank you for coming on the Danny Parkins show. How are you doing sir?

Glass: I’m seeing what’s going on here at Fan Fest. I’ve been waiting for this for a long

Parkins: I know you’ve been waiting for the All Star Game to come to Kansas City for a long time. Now
that it’s finally here how do you feel?

Glass: Well I’m really excited and I just want to relax now and enjoy it. There’s a lot of work that goes
into this, I haven’t done any of the work but our people have and Major League Baseball has and it’s
really worthwhile. What I’ve seen here at fan fest just this morning has been great.

Parkins: And what do you… This is the thing we’ve been asking everybody, when they come to Kansas
City what do you want them to take away from the experience of the All Star Game being here?

Glass: Well you know what it’s….. Kansas City…… I was just talking to the Major League Baseball officials
earlier this morning and they’re saying that the people here in Kansas City have put this thing together
better than any city they’ve been to in recent times. And I thinks that not only do the people in Kansas
City get the opportunity to enjoy these five days in a way that they haven’t been able to in the past but
the people all over the world will get exposed to Kansas City and see what we have here and it’s going to
be a big surprise to them because this is a great city and… and they are doing it the right way.

Parkins: Royal owner David Glass on the Danny Parkins show here at Fan Fest. When you say it’s going
to be a big surprise to them what do you mean?

Glass: Well Kansas City is sort of undiscovered as far as great cities in this country are concerned.
You know, everyone thinks about New York and Chicago and L.A. and we… but what we’ve got here,
although we don’t get a lot of exposure to the rest of the world it’s… it’s just outstanding.

Parkins: In terms of… I means it’s… it’s interesting that you say that and I guess this is the one of the
things that’s been rumored around here recently that we’ve got to ask you about. People are talking
about whether or not you are going to sell after this big event coming to town. (Glass laughing) It’s like
you have this game and then when it’s done then you will sell the team.

Glass: Yeah, that’s stupid. Uhh, I’ve never considered doing that and I would have no idea where that
came from.

Parkins: You would never consider selling the team?

Glass: No.

Parkins: What do you say to fans who would like you to sell the team?

Glass: Uhh, yeah, I’m sorry.

Parkins: Do you know where that comes from?

Glass: I don’t have a clue, I have no idea

Parkins: What do you say to fans that wish you spend more on payroll for this team?

Glass: Uhh, Well, in a market this size you can spend a certain amount on payroll. You… You’re never
going to be able to spend what the Yankees and the other big market teams can spend but our approach
from the very beginning has been that we’re not looking to make money with the franchise we simply
want to break even and if we have an if we have an opportunity to win we’ll step up and do whatever it
takes to… to help us take that extra step. But for the most part all the money that we can generate we’ll
spend on payroll and singing amateur players

Parkins: Would you be willing to operate a season at a loss in order to sign a big time….

Glass: We… We’ve done that before and I suppose we’d do it again.

Parkins: We’re talking with Royals owner David Glass here on the Danny Parkins show…. Putting the
microphone down? Oh… oh… alright. Thank you sir for coming on the show he just put the microphone
down and walked away.