Earlier in the week, a twitter observer noticed this posting on the Entercom website announcing the opening for a new on-air personality.

This, coupled with Nick Wright’s open discussions about his contract negotiations on his show piqued my interest.

So I made a few phone calls to industry insiders that confirmed the following:

Nick Wright is leaving 610 Sports.

His new assignment may have something to do with his spot-guest hosting duties on a Saturday Morning national show on Fox Sports Radio. I do know that the job will not be in Kansas City.

So. The controversial sports radio host who was born and raised here in Kansas City will move onto greener pastures. He joins his frenemie, Jason Whitlock seeking fame and fortune at a national scale.

Nick was brash and outspoken, telling Ink Magazine, “You listen to my show for a week, my show will either entertain you more or make you think more or make you angrier. One of the three. But there’s nobody that can listen to my show for a week and not acknowledge that it’s superior,” he added. “That, I know.” Boastful to the last, he spent what could be his last week poking fun at Kevin Kietzman as they shared a parking lot on competing remotes.

For a good time... call....

However, his wheelhouse has always been NBA and NFL Football. In this baseball town, and on the Flagship of the Kansas City Royals, Nick has always been working with an arm tied behind his back. This was most evident when he had a spot-start on Fox Sports Radio and you could tell the passion in his voice when he talked about the NBA. If you talk about the NBA on KC Radio, you’re jeered for it.

He was able to only briefly overtake Kietzman’s “Between The Lines” for a brief time last summer and is now comfortably in second place in the #RadioWars. However, the status of 610 Sports has never been higher, due, in part to Nick’s show.

So, is his departure a move to greener pastures, or is he a casualty of #RadioWars?

Regardless, he’s due to be off of 610 Sports in the very near future. Calling Soren Petro… You’re on the clock.