Being in relationships are challenging.

Being in relationships are stressful.

But do they have to be? Do you have to go to bed angry? Do you have to wake up thinking of the disappointment you’re likely to feel later in the day?

No, I’m not talking about my lovely wife of thirteen years.  That’s a whole different bucket of worms.

I’m, of course, talking about the Kansas City Royals. And to paraphrase an NFL football coach, they are exactly who we thought they were.  In the middle of a seven game losing streak, at the bottom of the AL Central and in the middle of an offensive blackout.

And here I am, a fan since I was too young to walk. Suffering.

Why do we do this to ourselves?

Is it time to find another team?  Like relationships, at critical points in the relationship, you just have to ask yourself, “is it time to go do something else?” Has this finally met its end?

I know a guy who simply stopped watching baseball during the baseball strike of 1994 and I once asked him how he could stop watching the game he loved so much.

This guy hasn’t stepped foot in a Major League stadium in twenty years. How could he live? What did he watch on television? How could he breathe?

His reply has always confused me… until now… “I was done.”

I’m not there yet. There is still too much romance with going out to Kauffman, with eating the hot dogs, drinking the overpriced beer and, yes, figuring out in the second inning how the Royals are going to lose it tonight.  I’m not there yet… But I’m close.

If it doesn’t start being “Our Time,” it might finally be “my time.”